Meheen Rodless Cylinders

Rodless Cylinders are used to raise and lower the fill tubes on all Meheen bottle fillers.

Their bore size and stroke length will vary depending on the bottle size used, the number of fill tubes the machine has, and what year the machine was manufactured.  

  • M2 bottle fillers purchased before 1/1/19 will have the smaller 20mm bore.
  • M2 bottle fillers purchased after 1/1/19 will have the current 32mm bore. 
  • M4 and M6 fillers manufactured after 01/01/14 will have 32mm bore. 

Machines manufactured prior to 2014 may have Bimba or Ultrans cylinders. These systems will need additional parts to convert over to the current SMC Rodless Cylinder. 

The cylinder's bore size and stroke length can also be found in the part's serial number. 

cylinder part number with bore size highlighted in blue and the stroke length highlighted in red.

In the example above, the bore size is 32mm and the stroke length is 7".

If you need more information on the size needed for your machine, please reach out to our customer service team

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