Compensator Rotary Cylinder

The Compensator Rotary Cylinder is a rack and pinion pneumatic cylinder that mounts to the Top Mount Bracket and is used to put motion to the Bullet Valve. 

There are two M3 Socket Head set screws on the top of the cylinder that are used to adjust angular position of the shaft, coupler and Bullet Valve Pin.

Size: 8
Swivel angle: 180 deg
Permissible mass moment of inertia: 0.0015 kgm²
Theoretical torque at 6 bar: 0.2 Nm
Position sensing: For proximity sensor
Structural Design: Gear rack/pinion
Cushioning: Elastic cushioning rings/pads at both ends
Operating Medium: Compressed air as per
Pneumatic connection:  M3
Housing material: Wrought aluminum alloy Smooth anodized
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