DO Buster CO₂ Hood

The DO Buster CO₂ Hood minimizes dissolved oxygen (D.O.) in your beverage during packaging and is vital for maintaining product quality, freshness and taste. 

This assembly creates a uniform dispensing of carbon dioxide (CO₂) onto the top of the filled and unlidded cans and blocks oxygen from entering the open cans as they make their way to the lid dropper.

Consistent laminar flow distribution minimizes surface disturbance to further reduce dissolved oxygen pickup.

The foam scraper (foam comb) removes any larger oxygen-heavy "frog-eye" bubbles to minimize oxygen absorption into your product.

Each kit comes with an analog and digital pressure regulator plus everything else needed to mount the assembly to your machine. 

For for installation instructions and questions please contact our customer service team.

For more information on the DO Buster CO₂ Hood, please click HERE.

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