Filler Valves

Filler valves are the stainless steel rods that fasten to the Nozzle Cylinder and pass through each fill head/nozzle. 

A rubber o-ring or Viton ball gasket press onto the ends of these valves and prevent liquid from escaping when the fill heads are in the closed position. 

The Standard Filler Valve is used on all current Gosling, Evolution Series, and WG8/10 fillers and is approximately 11.125" (28.26cm) long and uses a rubber o-ring. 

The Fusion Filler Valve is used on Fusion counter pressure systems, uses a rubber o-ring, and is approximately 14.5" (36.83cm) long.

The Legacy Filler Valve is used on early WGC-50/100/250 fillers and uses a rubber ball gasket instead of an o-ring. This valve is approximately 14" (35.56cm)long. 

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