Lift Can Acceptors

Lift Can Acceptors (AKA Hockey Pucks) are made of durable Delrin plastic and house the Lift Can Acceptor bearing.

This part holds the base of the can in place as it's raised to the chuck and spins with the can as it's seamed.

Wild Goose Filling currently offers four puck models:

  • Standard (211) - The standard 211 puck is used on all Evolution Series, Gosling and Fusion canning systems set up to run standard 211 diameter cans.
  • Tapered (202/204) - The tapered puck is used on all Evolution Series and Fusion canning systems setup to run 202 Slim or 204 Sleek can bodies. This puck is not compatible with Gosling seamers. 
  • Gosling (202/204) -  The Gosling 202/204 puck has a smaller diameter and is only used on Gosling seamers set up to run 202 Slim and 204 Sleek can bodies. This puck requires a specific puck bearing and spacers. 
  • WG8/10 - The WG8/10 puck is only used on WG8/10 (WGC-600) seamers and has a completely flat surface that allows cans to be indexed into and out of the seamer smoothly. This puck is compatible with 202 Slim, 204 Sleek and 211 can diameters.

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