Retention Plate Weights

Stainless steel Retention Plate Weights are used to put pressure on the lid as they make their way to the end of the Lid Chute and onto a filled can.

These Retention Plate Weights are found on all Wild Goose Filling systems equipped with a Lid Dropper and fasten to the Retention plate using the same M3 x 12mm Flat Head Socket Head Cap Screw. 

Wild Goose Filling offers 3 sizes for this part:

  • Large ( 1" thick - Used with most 211 can body diameters)
  • Medium ( 3/4" thick - Used with most 204 "Sleek" can body diameters)
  • Small ( 1/2" thick- Used with most 202 "Slim" can body diameters) 

The sizing of this part is important as a weight that is too light, may create lid pick up issues and a weight that is too heavy, may tip filled cans over as they pass underneath. 

If you have any questions about what size is best for your system, please contact our customer support team


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