Reddish-brown rubber o-ring on a white background. HM0064

Tip of Actuator Rod O-Ring

Made of a durable Viton, the Tip of Actuator Rod O-Ring sits around the base of the filler valve found on all current Wild Goose Filling canning systems. 

This O-ring creates a quality seal at the tip of the fill head.

The Tip of Actuator Rod O-ring has a high temperature rating, has a good chemical and corrosive resistance and is safe to use for repeated food/beverage exposure. 

Refer to your system's Operations and Maintenance manuals for recommended replacement schedule and procedure. 

Wild Gosse Filling recommends swapping both the Tip of Actuator Rod O-ring and Gland Retainer O-ring out at the same time when necessary. 

Earlier WGC100/250 systems use a Viton Ball Gasket instead of this o-ring. The Viton Ball Gaskets will be available online soon! If you need replacements, please reach out to our CS team ( 

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