Touch Button Indicator Light

The Touch Button Indicator Light is used on all V1 Gosling units and is used to notify the operator of system faults and warnings. 

Once the condition is cleared that triggered error, the operator simply presses the light to clear the fault/warning. 


K50 Pro touch buttons combine proven touch technology and ruggedness with the added versatility of RGB LEDs. K50 Pro touch buttons are compatible with the Pro Editor software for easy customization.
  • Bright LED indicators combined with touch-activated switching capabilities
  • Compatible models are programmable using Banner's Pro Editor Software and Pro Converter Cable for customization of colors and animation
  • Rugged IP67 construction for high-pressure washdown environments
  • Advanced touch technology allows for high immunity to water while still working with gloves
  • Ergonomic design requires no physical pressure to operate and eases stress on the hands and wrists
  • Ideal for pick-to-light and call button applications in a wide range of industries and environments - from food and beverage to automotive
  • Models made with FDA-approved materials are available for use in the food and beverage industries
  • Up to fourteen color variations in one device (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Cyan, Magenta, Orange, Amber, Lime Green, Spring Green, Sky Blue, Violet, and Rose)
  • IO-Link models have full Pro capabilities managed dynamically by the master, plus individual LED control for full status customization
  • Sequence mode is included on IO-Link models and can be used to indicate level, takt time, and more Bolder Programmable Touch Buttons
  • Simplified design
  • Reliable performance in harsh environments
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