WGC Advanced Spare Parts Kit

The WGC Advanced Spare Parts Kit comes with the essentials to help keep your Evolution Series canning line running smoothly. 

Parts in this kit include:

  • Seam Rotary Actuator Cylinder
  • Seam Lift Cylinder
  • Lid Drop Cylinder
  • Nozzle Cylinder rubber Motor Coupling Spider
  • Puck Bearing
  • Rotary cam
  • High Flow Adjustment Screws (x2)
  • Lid Knives (Left & Right)
  • Tip of Actuator Rod O-rings (x4)
  • Gland Retainer O-rings (x4)
  • Seamer Plunger Spring
  • Seam Rotary Sensors (x2)
  • 25 feet of spare product tubing
  • Lid Drop and Seam Lift Sensor
  • Proximity sensors for the Splitter, Can Raise, Can Push, and Fill Head Raise cylinders (x2)
  • Inductive (can present) sensor
  • 2.5m sensor cables (x2)
  • Quick connects (x4 - three are connected to sensors, one is a backup)

**This kit is not to be used on Evolution Series Canning systems equipped with compensator valves. Please reach out to our customer service team with any questions. 

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